凡透過張張線上平台購買the insights女性穿戴首飾,我們將線上優惠5%,並捐出金額的3%
投入社團法人 台灣國際器官移植關懷協會,引導出更多友愛社會的計畫。


From the insights project, we connect with like-minded women through Chang Chang jewellery, and present soulful interviews from various profession and cultural backgrounds. It is crucial to seek inner voice in the overwhelming digital generation, thus we wish to continue delivering a source of internal wellness, hoping to bring more serenity and social efficacy into everyday life.

With any online purchase of the interview featured Chang Chang jewelleries, we will offer a special online discount of 5% off, and dedicate 3% of our proceed to Taiwan Association for International Care of Organ Transplants.





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